The consortium established by the local government of the town of Sándorfalva and the local government of the village of Dóc launched a library development project entitled ’Development of the formal and informal educational role of libraries in order to support lifelong learning and  development of library services to suit the needs of library users’

Identification number: TÁMOP (Social Renewal Operational Programme) 3.2.4-08/1-2009-0025

The project won a sum of HUF 16.486.132 provided by the EU.


The aim of the project is to popularize the use of libraries in both participating communities.

In order to achieve this, read-outs and other cultural events are being organized, a new interactive library homepage is being designed and set up and the electronic database is being developed. Online library services are also being launched. The librarians’ professional knowledge is also being expanded due to courses and professional trainings.

The main purpose of the development is to popularize the use of public libraries in the town of Sándorfalva and in the village of Dóc as well as to strengthen the cooperation between the two libraries, and most importantly to promote and encourage reading among children and familiarize them with the use of libraries.

All events organized within the frame of the project are open to the public and free of charge.

The implementation of the project is supported by the EU and co-financed by the European Social Fund.